Our address is 125 Derham Rd, Te Horo. We are easy to reach from the express way

You find Directions on our Website here or download Directions from the North and from the South.

    The Petzi Treat Cam is installed in some of our cat condos and contains an HD camera, high-quality audio, and the ability to remotely dispense treats at the touch of a button via the Petzi app. Also, the iOS and Android apps allow you to interact with your cat, as well as share their pet pictures and videos via social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Mary`s PetVilla is the first to bring this Device to a Cattery in New Zealand to give pet parents the possibility to keep in touch with their cat(s) during holiday or long-term trips. When booking Petzi the Device is installed in your cats Condo. For privacy reasons, you can only see the Condo and your Cat(s).

    You can prepare yourself for using Petzi by following the instructions on our Info Sheet.

    Mary successfully completed the Pet First Aid Course by the Pet First Aid and TrainingNZ Ltd in Wellington.

    A Single Cat Condo is  1,2 x 1,0 x 1,00 meter, and the cat has access for most of the day to our semi-community area. Our Condos have a connector to combine two Single Cat Condos to one Double Cat Condo.

    The maximum occupancy of a Single Condo is two cats.

    To learn more see the Description of our Condos.

    A cabin is a 2.00 x 1.20 with Indoor Room and a 2.00 x 1.80 Meter Outdoor Run. The Cabins are located separated from the Cattery. The Dogs will be taken on lead for walks on our 5-acre lifestyle property at least twice daily. We also have a play area for dogs. The dogs sleep at night in our Dog Sleeping Room in crates – creating a Home Boarding style Environment for Dogs, that cannot stay in Dog Kennels.

    To learn more see the Description of our Cabins.

    We are happy for you to visit your Pet during their stay or come by for a tour. In the case you would like to visit, please read the following important information:

    Visits are by Appointment Only Our goal is that Pets staying with us feel as comfortable as possible. To accomplish that, we need your support. Usually, we recommend Visit Times that are shortly after or just before our Open Hours. But we try to be as flexible as possible.

    Keep in mind, the well being of the Pets We would prefer not to disrupt the routine of the pets with too often. We have Feeding Times, Play Time, quiet time and as well Time for cuddling reserved during the day. A Visit can disturb this routine not only for your pet but for all the others in the Facility as well. To limit this disturbance, we prefer that only one set of visitors at a time tour or visit the Facility. Sometimes we have cats in the Cattery that are shy or afraid of strangers. Since we know the personality of the cats staying with us, we can arrange that before a visitor arrive these cats have the option to go back in their safe spot (their condo).

    Visits during Open Hours? Visiting during Open Hours is possible, but we still ask that you make an Appointment. Open Hours are reserved for Pick-Up and Drop-Off and on busy days (such as peak season) sometimes multiple check ins and check outs can happen during open hours and we are not able to accommodate Visitors at these times.

    Running a Boarding Facility includes a lot of Tasks We would like to ask that you please not drop by unannounced or with very little notice. It is likely, that we working on Tasks like Cleaning of Facility, Feeding, etc. Some of these Tasks include special protocols that are not easy to be switched immediately, for example, taking care of a Pet in Isolation or giving Medications. As well we, of course, have to maintain the property and run errands in town or pick up/drop off pets.

    Any other Options when my Cat is staying with you? Of course, for Cats, we offer the PetziCam. A Camera in your cats Condo, that allows you to see, talk to your cat and an option to dispense some treats. Especially for longer-stays you can stay in touch with your cat and check that your cat is doing fine even from the distance, all from your smartphone or tablet.

    When you would like to arrange a Visit, please use our Tour Booking System. Visits and Tours are free of charge.

    Book a Tour

    We offer Open Hours for Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs.

    Our Standard Open Hours are:

    Monday – Friday        8-10am & 4-6pm
    Saturday                       8-10am
    Sunday                          4-6pm

    On Public Holidays and other special days, our open hours might vary. Please Read our Latest News Articles about special arrangements for these days.

    To avoid unnecessary disruption to the pets staying with us, we recommend that you come within the designated Open Hours. The goal of our open hours is to maintain a calm environment for all pets.

    If you wish to come at any other time to drop off or collect your pet, this must be arranged in advance and an appointment time must be made. Please be aware, that this might cause additional stress for your pet and other pets staying with us.

    While we will do our best to accommodate your requested day and time, please note, that when you come outside of Open Hours your Pet might be ready and will wait for you in our office. For this reason, please come within a 15 Minute Time Window around the scheduled Appointment.

    Appointments outside of Open hours for Pick-Up and Drop-Off will incur an additional fee of $20. Coming without an Appointment or being late to a scheduled Appointment will incur an additional fee of $20 ($40 in total).

    We know that special circumstances can arise and when this is the case, please let us know via Text or Phone ahead of time to ensure someone is available at the time of your arrival.

    Be aware that in High-Season it is maybe less likely we can accommodate Appointments outside of Open hours to prevent that a larger number of cats in the play-area are stressed because of the visits. For the same reason that in High-Season (outside of open hours) we may ask that you not come in the cattery to prevent stress to some of the shy cats that might be out.

    1. We will check your pet(s) vaccination proof in compliance with the Council regulations.
    2. Complete any paperwork that has to be filled out (I.e emergency contact, vet, etc).
    3. Please bring your Pet in a Carrier or on a Lead. Pets are not allowed to be free roaming on the property. We will bring your pet within his/her carrier or leash to the facility and place him/her in the assigned condo/cabin. So your pet can feel comfortable. Dogs may be taken for a short walk before going to their cabin.
    4. For dogs, In our experience, dogs settle in much easier when they leave you, rather then you leaving them. You are their #1, and they may focus on you if you are in sight rather than their new surroundings and company.
    5. Your pet will stay for a while in their spot to acknowledge that the condo/cabin is his/her “safe spot”. That is important to lower the stress for your pet to adjust to the new environment.
    6. We will monitor the new guest regarding food and water because when a cat or dog starts to eat or drink it is a sign that he/she feels safe.
    7. Later on that day or the following day your cat can join in on the play time with other cats in the semi-community area. Cats will acknowledge the community area as a “neutral zone” so that everyone can enjoy the Indoor/Outdoor areas without any territory issues. Dogs will have a walk twice a day on the 5 acres property and can run in designated fenced areas.

    Attention: With the current COVID-19 Virus is circulation, some special guidelines apply. Read more here.

    See details of our requirements and proceedings in our Terms of Trade.

    Yes, you can log in using http://www.petvilla.co.nz/login in ourPetVilla Customer Portal. It is very easy to use and there is more than one way to manage your Details. In case you need some help, have a look into our User Help Document.

    Have a look at our Photo Gallery  for photos.

    Yes. The Isolation area is reserved in the case a cat should become ill while staying with us.

    See some photos of our isolation area in our blog post.

    Yes, you can see our provisional Approval by the AsureQuality Pet Boarding Approval Programme here.


    Your pet must be current (including booster) on vaccinations (Panleukopenia, Respiratory Disease/Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus) and proof must be sighted at the time of drop off into the Cattery.


    Your dog must be current (including booster) on vaccinations (Canine cough incl. Bordetella, Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis) and proof must be sighted at the time of drop off into Mary`s PetVilla. We recommend as well Lepto vaccination.

    Small Animals

    Your Rabbit must be current (including booster) on vaccinations for Calicivirus. Other Small Animals do not require vaccinations.

    See further details in our Terms.

    We recommend that you bring your pet(s) usual food and we are happy to feed that (for no additional cost of course). That helps your pet to settle easier and feel more comfortable. As an Alternative, we do offer our High Quality “Orijen Food” for an extra $2/a day (per pet).

    A trial stay for dogs is recommended or even required in certain situations. The reason is that Dogs act differently when away from home. Our boarding Environment with a Dog Cabin, Individual Walks and Home-Boarding-style Sleeping Arrangement might not work for every dog, in other cases, it is a better solution than a classic kennel.

    Where a trial stay is required, it should be at for two days (36 Hours) and a maximum of 3 days and should be booked at least 30 days before the planned stay starts. We would send you suggestions for dates, most likely for two weekdays in the near future.

    The goal of the trial stays is to ensure that your dog is comfortable in our environment and we can make sure they have a very enjoyable holiday with us.

    In case the trial stay was required by us because of a long-term stay, Two Days of the trial stay will be credited towards your long term booking (if the trial stay was on weekdays). Trial stays because of entire dogs or on weekends (Fri-Sun) are not credited

    If you wish to opt-out of the trial stay, we do ask for emergency contact. In extreme cases, emergency contact should be able to pick-up your dog earlier if issues arise.

    Bringing a cat to a cattery can be a challenge, especially when the cat is doesn’t do well with carriers or is afraid of them. Keep in mind usually the cat connects seeing a carrier with going to the vet or leaving your home. With the following tips you can make it easier and less stressful for you and your cat

    The weeks or days leading up to drop–off:

    • Leave the carrier in the corner of the most used room of the house, facing the activity, with the door open.
    • Put the cat’s favourite bed (or what they like to nap on) in the carrier.
    • Leave treats in the carrier.
    • Pet, talk to or play with the cat when the cat goes into the carrier on their own.
    • Repeat as often as possible.

    Day of drop-off

    • The day before the cat comes to us don’t let the cat outside anymore.
    • An hour before it is time to leave, put the cat and carrier in a small room with no hiding places.
    • Fifteen minutes before departure, go into the room the cat is in, close the door and calmly put the cat into the carrier.

    Sometimes we receive cancellations on the day of drop-off because the cat was outside and did not return home in time. Be aware, we would still charge for the time booked, in case, we did not find some that take over the spot from you.

    All our pricing are per calendar day. A Stay from Friday to Sunday would be three calendar days.

    That is different from a Hotel (for humans), that would charge per night. But keep in mind, a Hotel would as well ask to leave before curtain time (e.g. 10 am) and ask not to arrive before a specific time (e.g. 4 pm). As well, you may arrive at a hotel, and your room “is not ready” or when you stay longer, that you are charged an extra day.

    Over 3/4 of our Clients Drop-Off in the Morning and Pick-Up in the Afternoon. By charging per calendar day, we reflect the reality of Pet Boarding like many other Facility do and prevent waiting time in a cage and stress for the animals and the humans by arriving too early or leaving to late.

    Starting 1st of January each year, We maintain a Christmas Booking List, where we collect all requests for Christmas.

    This is necessary, to manage the “Christmas Booking Tetris” which allows as many pets as possible to stay with us and enables their pet parents to go on holiday without any worries.

    Later in the year, when we are fully booked, this list will become our Waiting list and we will inform you immediately when a spot becomes available. Usually, 1/3 of all Christmas Bookings change or will be cancelled around 30-45 days before Christmas, so there is still a chance once your booking is on the waiting list. 

    When you find in the meantime another arrangement, let us know and we remove you from our Christmas Booking and Waiting List.

    Christmas is the time of the year, where every Dog Boarding, Pet Sitter & Cattery will get more booking requests than space are available. Like you can imagine, the Christmas Season alone cannot sustain a Cattery & Dog Boarding Business and we want to be able to be available for our Clients all year around. 

    For this reason, we have a special procedure in place for the acceptance of Christmas Bookings. Between 1st April and 1st November, we accept a limited number of Christmas Bookings in multiple “stages”, based on a range of criteria. 

    Each request is reviewed during a “stage” on its merit and we would like to share with you some of the factors we take into consideration:

    • Preference to Pets that have stayed with us before, and are comfortable in our environment. It will ensure a low-stress environment for everyone.  Ensuring your dogs completes a short stay beforehand will help them to be comfortable for longer stays.
    • Bookings outside of the “core” days (22/12 to 26/12) are more likely to fit in our “booking Tetris”.
    • Customers who support Marys PetVilla throughout the year by being an Advocate for our Service by making reviews on Google and Facebook, refer us to friends & Family and booking additional services like webcam, food, pet taxi or other services.
    • If you are flexible with your dates, please let us know – part of the Teris is to fit gaps. This gap matching is the best chance for guests with a shorter booking timeframe.
    • Customers who book outside of the busy Christmas season. We know that outside of Peak Times or on short trips, it is sometimes easier to find a Pet Sitter or a Neighbour instead of using our service. With booking with us, you did not only support us through the year and make our service possible but is also lower the stress for your pet when your furry family member always comes to the same place, see the same person and that finally prepares your pet for longer stays without you.

    Please read as well our information regarding our terms at christmas season.

    During Christmas season our usual Terms of Trade applies, but like you can imagine some of the Terms become more important because of the “Christmas Booking Tetris” and will more likely to be applied. For this reason, we like to give you some guidelines to help you understand what is important for your booking:

    • We may arrange a specific Pick-up or Drop-off time for you to bring your pet during the busy Christmas season. We encourage you to upload all details, vaccines records, etc in advance. This will ensure that we have time for every pick-up and drop-off, and allow your pet to settle well. 
    • Between 15/12 and 15/1 of the year, not all of our discounts or special rates are available. Our Online Booking System will inform you about the total costs of your booking. Please contact us, when you have any questions regarding our pricing or discounts.
    • At Christmas time we will have usually help in our facility to ensure that all pets get the same amount of attention like at other times of the year. For this reason, we may charge an additional fee of $2/day for any boarding service.
    • The Booking “Tetris” over Christmas is very complex and as a result, it is harder to accept changes after a booking is confirmed because of the impact on other bookings. This limit our possibility to accept changes or make it necessary to charge a change fee.
    • Please be aware, that a change request of a Christmas booking will require a new confirmation of your booking to secure your stay with us. We will accommodate change requests so far possible.
    • Ensure the length of your booking is final. We want to support you in your holiday’s plan by giving you the option to make a booking far in advance before you book your holiday details (Flights, Hotel). We ask in this case that you let us know within 7-14 days after we confirmed your booking in case the start date of the booking change.
    • For change request that happens closer to the drop-off date or after the drop-off date, we reserve the right to charge you for the full period booked, even if you collect your pet prior to the arranged date.  
    • We will ask for a deposit between 50% to 100% for all bookings during Christmas times. Deposits will be refunded when cancelled at least 30 days before drop-off-days. For Cancellation or Change requests less than 30 days, we can look at crediting this towards a future stay minus a possible change or cancellation fees.
    • We may charge a cancellation or change fee. If we charge a fee and how much depends if we can fill the free spot with another booking and how long before the drop-off day the cancellation or change request is done. Plans change, but please inform us as soon as possible, so that is it more likely it is that you can receive a full refund.

    As you are aware businesses and governments are increasingly taking necessary precautions to protect the public from the Corona Virus (COVID-19). We want to let everyone know we are taking all the required precautions to keep our team and you safe!

    No one at Marys PetVilla is sick, we have not had any reports of clients being sick, and we do not expect anyone to be sickened in the future. Based on actual research, pets cannot contract COVID-19 and are not a carrier of it, but you as Pet Parents and we as Pet Boarding Facility should take precautions to limit the risk for exposure.

    Your pet care needs may change in the coming weeks because you will be working from home, reconsider attending events or change your travel plans. Please remember to keep us posted when you change any travel plans, and we will be flexible regarding the situation. We want everyone to be safe, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to accommodate your service needs during this time.

    You will find information about our measurements, guidelines and recommendations for the current Covid-19 Situation in the News Section.We will update this information if the situation in our area changes.

    Our cleaning process is a two-step process:  

    • In the first step, we use an enzyme-based product to clean surfaces on a macromolecular level. 
    • In the second step, we use an anti-bacterial disinfectant with an active ingredient named ammonium quaternary. Based on today’s Information from EPA and other Organisations, this can kill a wide range of viruses including COVID-19.

    Everyone that is working in our facility is following the usual best-practice when dealing with pets, including regular hand washing and routine cleaning of surfaces, including pet crates that will be brought to us.

    Please read our Information about COVID-19.