Our Dog Studio is open

We are excited to announce that our Dog Studio is now up and running !

It was built like a home-like setting, which is unique to our area and will lower stress for the dogs.

We have three areas:

  • The Dog Studio Room with lounge Area, Dog Beds, Rugs, Radio, Dog Toys, TV and Plants.
  • An Outdoor Yard for potty time and sniffing
  • A Play Area with tug-of-war, fetch, dog furniture and toys

A staff member is with the dogs all morning and afternoon for supervised play time and cuddles.

In addition to the playtime Indoors, they get extended playtime outdoors (when it is not raining) to play with each other twice daily. If your dog eats three times a day, you can book a lunch where your dog is separated in a Pen for feeding time. Between the morning and afternoon playtime, they have nap time in their own sleeping quarters.

See more photos of our Building in our Gallery.

To join our Dog Day Care or in Peak Times Boarding, we have the following requirements:

  • We only have limited spots for small dogs (<12kg) to ensure that each dog gets the individual attention they need and gets to know the other guests and us well.
  • Each Dog needs to be De-sexed (at least 4 weeks before come for the first time) and Fully vaccinated. All dogs need to be social with other dogs and humans. Please contact us for inquires about intact puppies.
  • Over Lunchtime your Dog will be have Nap-Time in a Crate, so the best would be when your Dog is already crate-trained.
  • For logistic reasons, we cannot accommodate dogs that graze all day dry food in the Dog Studio.
  • As we only have eight Dog Day Care Spots and depend on a minimum of six Dogs in Day Care, Dog Day Care is a Subscription Service.
  • Every Subscription is at least for two days a week (same weekdays) for at least two months. A Subscription is renewed until it is cancelled at least one month before the active Subscription ends. Subscriptions are not refundable.
  • Subscribers will be prioritised when it comes to our Home-style Christmas Boarding. This is available for the time, when we did not offer Day Care.
  • Sometimes we have availability for casual Day Care at a higher rate. Please submit in these cases a Booking, and we will get back to you with availability.
  • We will not be able to offer Dog Day Care between around 15th of December to 15th of January, Weekends, Public Holidays and occasional Bridge Days.

Between Mid December and Mid January, we are closed for Day Care and offer space with the same requirements and routine for Boarding.

Until September 2023, we may only offer Day Care on certain days, as we need at least six Dogs (maximum 8) per Day in the Group.

See the comparison to our usual Dog Cabin Boarding:


New Dogs require an Assessment to join regular Dog Day Care to see how your dog adjusts to our set-up, routine, the other guests, human staff and nap-time arrangements.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Impressions of our Day Care Center
Impressions of our Day Care Center