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Keeping Cats and Dogs Happy and Healthy in Winter and Summer

As the seasons change, so do the needs of our beloved pets.…

How to Find Your Cat – a practical Guide

What doing when your cat is missing from you home or displaced.

The nightmare of a Cat and Cattery Owner

Enhancing Our Outdoor Enclosure for Maximum Safety and Security At…

New Terms for Christmas Bookings

We are thrilled to have had so many Bookings last year for pets…

Where Every Bark Tells a Story: Social Time and Nature Walk for Dogs

When you whisk yourself away on vacation, why should your dog…

Bing Watching for Paws at Kapiti PetVilla

Ever wondered what your dog does when you're not around? At…

Internet Pet Resources

You will find in this article different kinds of resources for…

How we work with anxious and nervous dogs

Dogs, like humans, can exhibit behaviours such as fear, anxiety,…

View, Talk & Treats when you are away

From the Start we was offering the PetziCam for our Customers…
DALL·E .. Desperate and overwhelmed teenage female pet sitter that take care on a dog and a cat

Couch Potato or Social Butterfly? Decoding the Pet Sitting Vs. Pet Boarding Dilemma

We get it. Leaving your furry friend behind can feel like choosing…

Unleash the Magic of Crate Training: Dogs Discover their Inner Zen Den

We're diving into the wonderful world of crate training for…

Open Hours and Closed Days

We wanted to explain to you more about changes to our operations…