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Couch Potato or Social Butterfly? Decoding the Pet Sitting Vs. Pet Boarding Dilemma

We get it. Leaving your furry friend behind can feel like choosing your favourite child (we all know it’s the dog). So, here’s the inside scoop on pet sitting and pet boarding to help you make an informed, guilt-free decision.

Pet Sitting: Home Alone – The Furry Edition

Pet sitting is like hiring a babysitter for your pet. A sitter pops over to your house, feeds your pet, maybe plays a quick game of ‘catch the laser dot,’ and then poof! They’re gone again. It works for some pets, especially the super-clingy ones who think moving two feet away is abandonment. But for the social butterflies and playful pals, it could be like a long, boring rainy day without a toy in sight.

Pet Boarding at Kapiti PetVilla: It’s Like Summer Camp, But Furrier

Then, there’s pet boarding. And not just any pet boarding – we’re talking the VIP, luxury suite, ‘putting the treat in retreat’ kind of boarding at Kapiti PetVilla.

Roomy Digs: We’ve swapped out the boring old kennels for comfy dog cabins and spacious condos for cats that are pretty much the feline version of a penthouse. Dogs get their private indoor-outdoor space and a cozy bedroom with all the mod cons (yes, we have heat pumps!). Cats get their condos and a semi-community area where they can judge each other from a comfortable distance.

Same Routine, New View: We stick to your pet’s routine like a dog on a dropped steak. The same food, same walk times – it’s like home, just with a change of scenery and some new faces to sniff.

Fun and Games: Pets at our PetVilla get more than just the quick ‘hello’ from a pet sitter. They get to explore, socialize and play until they’re ready for a good nap. We offer the fun and the tired, happy pet at the end of the day – what more could you want?

Professional Love and Care: Our team isn’t just a bunch of animal lovers – we’ve got the qualifications to back it up. We’re trained for medical issues, we’re pros at pet first-aid, and our facility was approved by AssureQuality. We’ll medicate, bathe, brush, and clip nails – all while telling your pet how incredibly good-looking they are. And if your feline friend is a little under the weather, we have an isolation area to keep them comfortable.

Don’t just take our word for it – we’ve got a fan club of over 280 five-star reviewers who rave about our services. Their pets have such a good time, they settle right back into home life without a hiccup (unless it’s a hairball).

Sure, we might be a bit pricier than having a sitter drop by or sending your pet to a ‘no-frills’ kennel. But hey, you’re not just paying for a service here – you’re investing in your pet’s happiness and peace of mind. And that, dear pet parents, is priceless.

Remember, pet parenting isn’t one-size-fits-all. You know your pet best – whether they’d prefer a quiet evening at home or a fun-filled adventure at Kapiti PetVilla. Keep in mind, as well, why you seek someone to look after your Pet. Did you make an Overseas Trip? Keep in mind: Pet or Home Sitters are usually self-employed, which means when their plans change or they become sick, you can be without accommodation for your Pet – while all Kennels are booked. For longer trips, it is even more important to have a safe environment. When your trip is easier to change, or the reasons for the stay are related to Working in your home, a Pet Sitter can still be a viable option.

Do you have more questions or want to discuss your pet’s quirkiest habits? Get in touch. We can’t wait to meet our next furry guest.

A Note from the Heart (and not just because we love the sound of our own typing):

We’re not gonna lie – we love showing off our top-notch services here at Kapiti PetVilla. But let’s be real, what works for one tail-wagger or curtain-climber might not work for another. Some pets may prefer the company of a home sitter, while others might like the bustling energy of a large, traditional kennel. And you know what? That’s okay!

Just like how some humans prefer a beach holiday and others get excited about a cabin in the woods, every pet has their own idea of the purr-fect getaway. We’re all about that happy wag, the satisfied purr, the contented nap in the afternoon sun. So, if we notice that your beloved companion might be happier elsewhere, we’ll be the first to tell you.

Because here’s the thing – we’re not just in the pet boarding business. We’re in the ‘making pets feel loved, secure, and utterly euphoric’ business. And sometimes, that means guiding you to different solutions than PetVilla when we think it is better and less stressful for your Pet. Sure, we’d miss the chance to gush over your adorable pet, but seeing them truly happy? Now, that’s the real treat!