Prepare your Cat for the Trip to the Cattery

Bringing a cat to a cattery can be a challenge, especially when the cat is doesn’t do well with carriers or is afraid of them. Keep in mind usually the cat connects seeing a carrier with going to the vet or leaving your home. With the following tips you can make it easier and less stressful for you and your cat.

The weeks or days leading up to drop–off:

  • Leave the carrier in the corner of the most used room of the house, facing the activity, with the door open.
  • Put the cat’s favourite bed (or what they like to nap on) in the carrier. Leave treats in the carrier.
  • Pet, talk to or play with the cat when the cat goes into the carrier on their own.
  • Repeat as often as possible.

Day of Drop-off

  • The day before the cat comes to us don’t let the cat outside anymore.
  • An hour before it is time to leave, put the cat and carrier in a small room with no hiding places.
  • Fifteen minutes before departure, go into the room the cat is in, close the door and calmly put the cat into the carrier.

We recommend, bring your cats favourite bed, usual food and maybe a blanket or fabric toy with your smell. That will help her to settle quicker.