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Special Boarding Service during Alert Level 4

During these times Members of the Health Industry, the Police, and People working in similar professions might have to work overtime or are deployed to help with the Lockdown and ensure that we stay safe and healthy. 

For these essential Workers, we are allowed to offer Boarding Services for the time of the Lockdown. This service is also available for persons that are sick and cannot care for their pets at home or have to go to the hospital – if long nobody in their bubble can take care of their pets.

In these cases, we can board your Cat, Dog or Small Animal with us for a discounted rate. We can provide our cat & dog food when you are not able to bring enough or have no time to purchase it. You ensure be sure that your dog is walked and your cats get attention. All pets will be fed regularly and we will ensure that they stay healthy and happy for the time of Alert Levels 4 & 3.

Please contact us for more information about our special Pick-up and Drop-Off Procedures during the time of Alert Level 4, including curbside Pickup or contactless Handover at PetVilla, Mask Mandate, and arrangement of an appointment for the drop-off.

Pet Retail Services, Day Care Services, Pet Concierge Services, non-essential Pet Taxi & Pet Boarding Services need to be suspended for the duration of Alert Level 4.

Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a ring on 027 CATTERY.