When Marys CatVilla was a Cover Story

When we arrived in 2016 to New Zealand, we found a lovely home in Peka Peka. One of the first steps was to convert part of the Home to a Boarding Cattery named Marys PetVilla.

We remember that we started on the 8th of December and within days we were fully booked for Christmas. This was one of the first instances where we learned about some of differences between New Zealand and the USA. Over time we learned more and more. Then we came in touch with the Editor of the US-based Pet Boarding & Day Care Magazine, where we shared these experiences.

What we did not expect was that they thought that a Pet Boarding Facility in New Zealand could be very interesting to the US audience and in the end, a 6-page Cover article in Nov/Dec Issue of 2017 was published.

When you are interested in the background and history of Marys PetVilla, this is the place to start.

You can find this article online today here under the Title: Purrfection: Mary’s CatVilla

Later, in 2018, we to closed down for a few months, but re-opened at our new Location in Te Horo. This time renamed Marys Petvilla to reflect that we offer limited spaces for Small Animals and Dogs.

So far it was quite the journey and we learned a lot in the process and still learning. When you are one of our customers, keep an eye out for the Customer Surveys that we run on a regular basis to learn more about the needs of Pet Parents on the Kapiti Coast.

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