Kapiti’s PetVilla & COVID-19 Protection Framework

Once New Zealand moves to the new Traffic Signal Alert System, Kapiti PetVilla will adjust procedures for the new reality.

A Pet Boarding Facility is a place where people come to after domestic and international travel. For this reason, we have implemented strict procedures based on the MPI Safe Practice Guidelines to lower the risk for everyone.

We have provided a short Guidance tool to help you navigate the more complex guidelines in the Traffic Light System to include scenarios, where Customers come from Regions in other Levels than our Region and the Vaccination Status of everyone.

In all Levels the following Guidelines applies for our Business:

  • If you feel sick or were at a Location of Interest at the times/days noted (including Airports), please call us to look into other options for pick-up and drop-off.
  • Please scan the QR Code for Contact Tracing.
  • Our staff will wear masks at all times
  • When you have a COVID-19 Vaccination Pass/Certificate, you can mark this in our Online Software in “My Account” -> “Edit Profile”
  • You can request in any case contact-less handover, when you prefer this. Please send us an email with your booking number.

Up-to-date Information about our procedures you can read in our News-Section.

Please answer the following questions: