Cattery Improvements

We would like to share with you some of the improvements we have added to the Cattery in the last few months.

We replaced the Window to the Outdoor Enclosure with a Sliding Door, that allows better Airflow and more important “Cat”-Flow between the Indoor and the Outdoor Areas. Elderly cats and those with mobility issues can now access the outdoor area with ease.

As well we added the Family Room to the Cattery in October. It has a private Indoor area and it is own Outdoor Area, available for cat Families of three or more.

Did you ever notice the small blue-green box attached to a wall in our Cattery and ask yourself, what does this do? It`s our SensorPush Thermometer Monitoring. We have several of them all over our Facility and they connect to the Internet and inform us 24/7 about the Temperature Inside & Outside and will alert us of any changes.