GOMI Toy keep your pet happy

We always like to try new things out: Introducing a new toy in the Cat Play Area named Gomi.

GOMI is an interactive ball with sensors. It moves about to encourage cats and dogs to follow it. The sensors detect obstacles. When caught, it vibrates until it is released and is able to escape again.

The GOMI uses FDA-Certified Polycarbonate coating that is strong enough to withstand even the hardest bites from your pet. The Sustainable Soy Ink ensures that your dog or cat is free from any harmful substances. The antibacterial nature of the GOMI means that it can go wherever your pet takes it!

The GOMI Ball is in the Semi-Community Area during the day and operates in cycles. A cycle is made up of 5 mins Play mode and 25mins Sleep mode. We can monitor it using a Smartphone to see how often it is used. Shortly we will use our second GOMI and give it a try with the dogs in our care.